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Phoenix to Pay Over $220,000 in Lawsuit Over ‘The Zone’ Homeless Encampment

A Costly Resolution to a Public Nuisance Issue


By Arizona New Times

Phoenix Arizona- In a significant development, the City of Phoenix has been ordered to pay over $220,000 in a lawsuit related to a homeless encampment known as “The Zone”. This comes after the city cleared the last blocks of what used to be its largest homeless encampment near downtown.

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The lawsuit was brought forward by local business and property owners who argued that the area created a public nuisance that the city was responsible for. A Superior Court judge agreed with this assessment, leading to the city’s decision to clear the encampment.

As per the latest order, the city is not only required to pay over $220,000 to the plaintiffs but is also tasked with maintaining public property in the area. This includes keeping the area free of tents, hazardous materials like human waste or drug paraphernalia, and preventing crimes like disorderly conduct.

This case serves as a stark reminder of the complex issues surrounding homelessness and public spaces. As Phoenix grapples with a growing homeless population, the resolution of this lawsuit marks a significant, albeit costly, step towards addressing these challenges.

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SOURCEArizona New Times
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