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The Ongoing Standoff For Trump’s Document Possession


They’re after well-loved and sometimes maligned ex-President and soon-to-be second-term President, Donald Trump. Finding anything they can to trump up something on the man, taking massive exception to his holding on to a few records after his term in office.

Good ole’ Number 45 himself is standing his ground, saying he’s in the clear as far as the documents he had and the comparison to other former presidents and precedents, as it were.

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No surprise that some legal experts are trying to bend the law and find any way to use the media apparatus to make it seem like Trump did something massively different than other presidents before him, but he says that’s not the case.

So, what do we know about the Presidential Records Act anyway?

Basically, the Presidential Records Act was passed in 1978 with an intended purpose of making sure we can preserve and get a peek at the records of our ex-presidents, while also defending matters of national security.

The exact interpretation of the act is clearly up for debate and that’s why this could escalate to the Supreme Court before either a sentence and a guilty plea could be found, or before 45 walks free and vindicated.

Behind the scenes, it’s looking like the case will be thrown out of court or otherwise settled that what The Don did was within the confines of the law. Surely it will be one of the two, with a lot of effort to smear our man Don in the process.

If you don’t believe me, have a look at just one of the many other attempts the dem army has been trying to put Trump under legal penalty. It didn’t work, and it was thrown out of court. “Both sides then wrote to the justices agreeing that the Supreme Court should toss it as moot,” the Yahoo article reports.

Former federal prosecutor turned shill, Andrew Weissmann, once employed under Russiagate’s own Bob Mueller’s special counsel team, is the controlled spokesperson for the mainstream narrative. He’s saying that because lawyers have told him that he has to return the documents, that that makes it true. Even common sense won’t let that one fly.

He either has the right to them or he doesn’t but it’s the American way that you are innocent until proven guilty by a jury of your peers in a court of law. So, until that fiasco unfolds (which it likely won’t), we can just savor the mainstream media’s attempt to use this as a way to pre-campaign against the favored frontrunning candidate likely to take the Republican ticket in a landslide despite the massive deep state push to slander the man.

What’s the aim of all of this?

Plain and simple: make Donald Trump look bad to hopefully reduce his electability. Stall any actual substantive mainstream media discussions of actual issues, but rather persist in the childish realm of rehashing past events that never amounted to anything and that had no national security impact while ignoring actual deals on the other side involving the Presidents son working for foreign national companies in Ukraine while being a degenerate with likely no ability to add value to any company.

The law is being used as a blunt instrument by the military industrial complex and this new witch hunt against Trump is just the latest version of it.

Arizona New Times is one of your very few escape hatches from the echo chamber of mainstream media. We’ll serve it up to you straight down the middle or curve it in to the right sometimes, like here, when everyone else with a news platform is trying to burn old Donnie at the stake, we’re here to balance that out. Thanks for reading.

Paul DeContestera, conservative editor at large for ArizonaNewTimes.com, news for the people.

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