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Palm Trees: The Shady Characters of Phoenix – A Community Alert!

Arizona Backyard Palm Tree Fire 2023

In an unexpected turn of events, Phoenix’s palm trees have been thrust into the limelight, and not for their usual role as picturesque backdrops for sunset photos. No, these seemingly innocent trees are now under scrutiny as potential public enemies, following a recent fire that wreaked havoc in a local neighborhood.

A Real Fire in the Downtown.

On Friday, June 30, 2023, the inferno blazed around the intersection of 40th and McDowell Road. That blaze is now believed to have originated from a backyard palm tree, growing to a size where two homes were entirely lost and four others badly damaged.

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The palm trees, usually known for their laid-back vibe, suddenly became towering infernos.

The fire, which spanned a city block, saw nearly 100 firefighters battling the flames.

“We always knew these palm trees were up to no good. They stand there, all tall and leafy, pretending to be harmless. But now we know the truth – they’re just waiting for the right moment to ignite!”


We have to be honest too. Some of our quotes could be a little-bit off considering how hot and smoky it was when we were interviewing Captain McDade his crew at the scene of the action.

The Palm Panic of ’23, They’re Calling It.

This incident has absolutely sparked a wave of concern among Phoenix residents, leading to calls for a potential palm tree ban. “Sure, they look nice on postcards, but are they worth the risk?” asked one local resident, nervously eyeing the palm tree in his front yard.

In response to the growing concern, the city council is considering a ‘Palm Tree Control Act’. The proposed legislation would regulate the planting and maintenance of palm trees, with a particular focus on those located near residential areas.

Words to the wise.

While the palm tree ban is still under discussion, residents are urged to remain vigilant. “Remember, a palm tree may look like it’s just chilling in the sun, but it could be plotting its next fiery move,” warned Captain McDade.

In the meantime, Phoenix residents are advised to keep a safe distance from these seemingly tranquil trees. After all, it seems that in Phoenix, even the palm trees are too hot to handle!

Staying cool, but not in the shade of palm trees–

Written by James Collingsworth, editor for Arizona New Times, news for the people.

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