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Mega Phoenix Crime Bust: ‘Operation Summer Shield’ Lands Over 580 Criminals in Jail.


PHOENIX – In a major blow to criminal networks, the Phoenix Police Department, in collaboration with multiple agencies, executed Operation Summer Shield, resulting in a staggering 580 arrests. The operation targeted violent offenders and sought to address the rising gun violence and homicides plaguing the city. Phoenix, like many other urban areas, has seen an alarming surge in these sort of heinous crimes recently.

Led by Acting U.S. Marshal Van Bayless, Operation Summer Shield showcased meticulous planning and coordination to ensure the safety of both officers and the community. The primary objective was to apprehend wanted fugitives, homicide suspects, and convicted felons responsible for recent shootings.

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One of the operation’s notable achievements was the capture of four murder suspects, each connected to a separate fatal incident. It was revealed that a small group of repeat offenders is responsible for a significant portion of crimes committed in Phoenix. To curtail the alarming rise in gun violence, law enforcement seized almost four dozen firearms from the arrestees, all of whom were prohibited possessors.

Drugs and guns, off the streets.

According to Phoenix Police Interim Chief Michael Sullivan, convicted felons carrying or purchasing firearms have become a driving force behind the city’s increased shootings and gun-related offenses. To ensure the lasting impact of the operation, Maricopa County Attorney Rachel Mitchell plans to implement stricter bonds, emphasizing accountability and deterring repeat offenses.

Operation Summer Shield also unveiled a concerning narcotics presence within the city. During the operation, law enforcement seized approximately 500,000 fentanyl pills and five pounds of methamphetamine. These significant drug seizures highlight the multifaceted nature of the operation’s impact on public safety.

Anyone who’s spent even a couple minutes ‘on the street’ as it were could tell you that, in fact, 5 pounds of meth is a really large amount of meth. Back of the envelope numbers, it’s roughly 22,000 doses of the drug give or take depending on factors such a purity. And most of you don’t need anyone to point out that 500k fentanyl pills is significant in the fact that even one of those taken could be a lethal dose.

Massive success

The success of Operation Summer Shield was a collaborative effort involving various law enforcement agencies, such as the Maricopa County Attorney’s Office, the Maricopa County Sheriff’s Office, the Arizona Department of Public Safety, the FBI, Homeland Security, U.S. Marshals, and the Office of Alcohol, Tobacco, and Firearms.

The relentless pursuit of justice and the commitment to community safety were evident throughout the operation. As Phoenix continues its fight against crime, the results of Operation Summer Shield demonstrate a significant step forward in ensuring the well-being of its residents.

Written on June 21, 2023, by Winston Farmsworth, editor for ArizonaNewTimes.com, news for the people.

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