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Arizona Receives $5.3 Million in Federal Funding for Bridge Repair

A Fatal Crash Leads to Major Infrastructure Repair


By Arizona New Times

Phoenix Arizona- In a significant development, the Arizona Department of Transportation has received $5.3 million in federal funding. This emergency fund will be used to repair a bridge that was severely damaged in a fatal crash earlier this year.

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The bridge in question spans Interstate 10 on U.S. 191, located about 10 miles west of Willcox in southeast Arizona. It has been closed since the early May crash when it was hit by a large truck. Since the incident, there has been no direct access from westbound I-10 to southbound U.S. 191 and northbound U.S. 191 to westbound I-10.

The bridge’s superstructure, including the girders and deck, needs to be rebuilt. The old superstructure will be demolished after new girders are delivered to the site. I-10 access has been available to motorists only after a temporary support structure was built shortly after the crash. The project is expected to be completed by next summer.

This incident underscores the importance of infrastructure maintenance and safety. The allocation of federal funds for the repair of the bridge is a crucial step towards restoring full access and ensuring the safety of all motorists. The completion of this project next summer will mark a significant milestone in Arizona’s ongoing infrastructure improvement efforts.

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SOURCEArizona New Times
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