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GQ’s Insanity: Kim Kardashian ‘Man of the Year’ – Tradition Takes a Kick in the Nuts


By Arizona New Times

In a mind-boggling move that has traditionalists shaking their heads, GQ has thrown a curveball by anointing Kim Kardashian as “Man of the Year.” It’s not just a head-scratcher; it’s a punch in the gut to anyone who still values tradition in a world gone mad.

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Why the hell are we awarding women in a category designed to spotlight men’s accomplishments? It’s not about diminishing Kim’s achievements; it’s about wondering if GQ lost its damn mind. Last year’s Miss Universe mess wasn’t enough of a wake-up call – now we’re doing it again, like a magazine hell-bent on alienating the very people who made it relevant.

This isn’t a war against recognizing women; it’s a battle cry for maintaining the freaking integrity of gender-specific awards. GQ, once a bastion of celebrating men, now risks becoming a laughing stock as it tosses tradition out the window for the sake of shock value.

As we witness this circus unfold, one has to wonder if GQ’s gamble for attention will be its last. Is this the beginning of the end for a publication that used to stand for something, or are we just witnessing a spectacular implosion in the pursuit of headlines? Tradition, it seems, is officially dead, and we’re all left wondering: What the hell, GQ?

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